Air Conditioning Web Controlled by Arduino

<p>Step 1: Hardware Arduino Mega Ethernet shield 5v(USB), 6v or 9v power plug for arduino LAN ethernet cable DHT22(or DHT11) sensor for temperature/humidity Infra Red (IR) LED from a remote &#8230;</p>

Do you know about mye2edeals?

<p>URL Mye2edeals is one of the Online shop for electronics in the market, the shopping concept has changed. E-commerce portals are coming up with new offers every day. E-commerce has &#8230;</p>

Weather Bot with WIZnet W5100

<p>ArtRobot Weather Bot is made up of Arduino Ethernet shield and weather measurement equipment. You will be notified automatically via Twitter meteorological data that has been measured. The Arduino Ethernet Shield allows an &#8230;</p>
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