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EVB-Pico boards obtained Powered by Raspberry Pi mark
  • Author : wizadmin
  • Date : 2023-04-26
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WIZnet EVB-Pico series boards joined Powered by Raspberry Pi program. This program enables developers to design and create innovative products using the Raspberry Pi platform.

The EVB-Pico series boards were introduced last year and proved to provide seamless Ethernet connectivity solution base on RP2040 and WIZnet chips.

Main feature of the boards is pin-compatibility with original Raspberry Pi Pico board, it gives users flexibility for development of their projects.

The main features of WIZnet chips are following:

  • Built-in hardwired TCP/IP Stack
  • Built-in MAC + PHY
  • Industrial grade operation

The differences between WIZnet Ethernet chips can be found in the table below

WIZnet' commitment to supporting the Raspberry Pi community demonstrates their dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration in the world of engineering and technology.

The boards can be procured at WIZnet online stores and main global distributors.

US & Global: https://eshop.wiznet.io/

South Korea: https://wiznetshop.co.kr/ 

China & Asia-Pacific: https://www.wiznet.hk/en/