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The kinetic light installation "Duel" takes inspiration from the idea that ​​conflict can act as a driving force.

COMPONENTS Hardware components

Arduino - Arduino Ethernet Shield

x 16

Arduino - Arduino UNO

x 16

Software Apps and online services

vvvv group - VVVV

x 1


This project, Duel, is made based on the Arduino platform, and each Arduino has a flat circular LED installed, so the angle can be adjusted by the user program.

The creator shows darkness and light through the movement of circular LEDs, and puts artistic elements in it to express various things.

The gloom ripples while something whispers,
Silence has set and coils like a ring,
Someone’s pale face glimmers
From a mire of venomous color,
And the sun, black as the night,
Takes its leave, absorbing the light.

M. Voloshin


original link: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/VOLNA/duel-fa1d2d?ref=part&ref_id=31780&offset=38


13 Projects

4 Resellers

0 Contests

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