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AT Command Tool for WizFi360 Shield

The AT-command-based tool to test with WizFi360 through a predefined command set.

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WIZnet - WizFi360-EVB-Shield

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This project was started to give a faster way to check with WizFi360 for PoC.

The WizFi360 already embedded a USB to UART converter to support the AT Command.

So I thought this component might provide a better way to test a POC (proof of concept) faster. 

This point is why I started this project.


The tool WizCommander provides multiple features as 

  • Multiple predefined presets through .ini file
  • Easy to change the value of the tool
    • Provides own editor
    • Load / Save a .ini 
    • Auto-save feature
    • Listing available COM ports
    • Supports multiple baudrate


No special operation is required.

Just click the "Send" button what you want to send a command :)

You can use another group of presets that defined different command sets for providing features.

If you changed the AT Command on an empty slot or existing text slot, this will be automatically saved in "presets.ini".

No need to open the text editor to change the full text in "presets.ini" because the tool is providing the preset editor itself.

To open the "Presets.ini" editor, simply click on the Settings > Edit Preset Config menu.

Last, if you want to save the existing configuration with another name of the .ini file then you can use the "Save config as...", and also you can open another preset file with the "Open Config File" menu.



When I started the project, I planned to develop the device WiFi Commissioning over BLE.

But during developing the device I realized this kind of tool can be provided faster the PoC test with only a small effort.

So I changed my priority to provide a tool to those who want to test the WizFi360 with their idea.

I hope this tool helps you with easy testing.


Now, I am going to resume my original task that making WiFi commissioning over the BLE project.

It is going to be used Nordic's nRF52840 for using NFC+BLE+WizFi360.


Thank you to Wiznet Team for giving me the chance to develop this tool.

  • wizcommander

    The executable program for Windows (64bit)

  • wizcommander source code

    Source Code


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