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DIY SCADA / smart home

A DIY smart home system the SCADA way...

COMPONENTS Hardware components

Arduino - Arduino Ethernet Rev. 3

x 1

It controls lights, heating, ventilation, a robot vacuum cleaner, and even an automated cat feeder. Its Levels referring to the diagram Functional levels of a manufacturing control operation (see 2. in details) are:

Level 0: field devices
Sensors: DHT11, DHT22, BH1750, HC-SR501, DS18B20
Actors: stepper and DC motors, solenoid valves, radio-controlled plugs and relays (433Mhz), IR-remote controlled devices

Level 1: I/O modules
Remote input/output (RIO) modules made from Arduino's which sends the sensor data to the CodeSys software PLC and directly controls critical functions (as feeding the cats, positioning roller blinds).
Additionally a Pixtend I/O Board is connected to a Raspberry PI.

Level 2: supervisory
A Raspberry PI with CodeSys software PLC and graphical HMI which controls

Level 3/4: coordinating
A Raspberry PI With Node-RED and Grafana to collect and store all my data. And Alexa voice control.

24 Projects

11 Resellers

0 Contests

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