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Published September 20, 2022 © MIT license (MIT)

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How to setup Pico as Edge device with Edge Impulse

This is how to start to make Pico as ML model mounted Edge device. In this project, I would like to introduce embedded ML solution provider.

COMPONENTS Hardware components

WIZnet - WizFi360-EVB-Mini

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Pico board

dfrobot - 6 DOF Sensor - MPU6050

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Sensor module

Software Apps and online services

microsoft - Windows 10

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Edge Impulse - Edge Impulse

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Machine learning is a high-spec data operation that was possible on a high-spec computer or cloud system. However, there are many business models that make this possible even at the embedded level recently, such as TinyML. And I think this market will bring many possibilities in the future.

I recently discovered a software ML platform service called Edge Impulse. it is being serviced to provide ML solutions for several platform boards including Arduino and Pico, and testing is also available for free.

My goal is to create a project that can be used helpful by dividing a few posts. And this time, I posted about an easy way to start.


>> Project detail : https://www.hackster.io/lawrence-wiznet-io/how-to-setup-pico-as-edge-device-with-edge-impulse-0aa3cf

  • Pico-examples

  • Wiring

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