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Published October 30, 2022 © MIT license (MIT)

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Tesla + WizFi360 home automation IOT device

IoT device that works with Tesla car

COMPONENTS Hardware components

Arduino - Arduino Due

x 1

Controller for MQTT and IR remote

WIZnet - WizFi360-EVB-Mini

x 1

MQTT subscription

Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

x 1



These days there're more and more smart devices such as IoT devices at home and smart cars.

I'm currently owning a Tesla car and I integrated my own server to collect data from my car. Raspberry pi is a good small server for the purpose.

There's a tool called Teslamate to do this job. Teslamate can be used as a MQTT broker and it publishes some good information that we can integrate with WizFi360.

I thought this combination could be very useful to automate my home devices. So I decided to do this project.



1) Raspberry pi + Teslamate

  • Teslamate runs on raspbian(Raspberry pi linux) and collects car data in real time
  • Role as MQTT broker

2) Arduino due + WizFi360 + IR transceiver

  • Arduino due + WizFi360 subscribes Teslamate MQTT topics
  • Whenever I come to home with my car then MQTT topic 'home_geo' will be flaged
    • I made geo fence of home called 'home_geo'


Test results

  1. MQTT broker operation test

Teslamate 'home_geo' setting

Test drive to drive towards home

  • Check MQTT subscription with mac
  • To check if 'home_geo' flag runs on MQTT broker(raspberry pi + Teslamate)
  • As you can see below 'home_geo' flagged


Test with WizFi360 to subscribe MQTT topic


2. WizFi360 AT command test with Arduino Due

3. Arduino Due + IR transmitter test

  • Read IR remote signal 
  • Transmit IR remote raw data


How to implement

1. MQTT broker setup(Raspberry pi + Teslamate)

1) Prepare Raspberry pi 4 with raspbian os

2) Install Teslamate in Raspberry pi


version: "3"

    image: teslamate/teslamate:latest
    restart: always
      - ENCRYPTION_KEY= #insert a secure key to encrypt your Tesla API tokens
      - DATABASE_USER=teslamate
      - DATABASE_PASS= #insert your secure database password!
      - DATABASE_NAME=teslamate
      - DATABASE_HOST=database
      - MQTT_HOST=mosquitto
      - MQTT_USERNAME="admin"
      - MQTT_PASSWORD="password"
      - 4000:4000
      - ./import:/opt/app/import
      - all

2. IR remote controller(Arduino Due + IR remote)

3. MQTT subscribe(Arduino Due + WizFi360)

  • Send AT commands below to WizFi360(RX1, TX1)
AT+CWJAP_CUR="<WiFi AP>","<WiFi password>"

AT+MQTTCON=0,"<raspberry pi IP address>",1883
  • MQTT remote controller

  • Setup image


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