“IoT iOffload Contest” is an international project contest for developers worldwide, powered by WIZnet. This contest gives developers an opportunity to showcase their skills in IoT innovation and competency.

For the first time in the world, “IoT iOffload Contest” is using hardwired TCP/Dual(IPv4/v6) to develop new opportunity. If you want to learn more about IPv6 and hardwaired TCP/Dual, please refer these documents; What is TCP/IPv6, How to use hardwired TCP/Dual.

We can’t wait to see what you make!


1st prize (5)

Prize winner will receive :

$1000 cash

2nd prize (20)

Prize winner will receive :

$500 cash


This section is for judging other entries.

All participants can vote for multiple entries you think are valuable to our maker community.

(Your vote cannot be canceled once completed.)




WIZ610io is the network module that includes W6100 (TCP/IPv4/6 hardwired chip, including PHY), MAC-JACK (RJ45 with X’FMR)with other glue logics.

more hardware info by Wiki

Buy WIZ610io :
KR(₩) HK($) USA($) EU(€)

W6100 Ethernet Shield

W6100 Ethernet shield is designed using the WIZnet W6100 chip. This is Arduino pin compatible.

more hardware info by Wiki

Buy W6100 Ethernet shield :
KR(₩) HK($) USA($)

W6100 MKR-Ethernet Shield

W6100 MKR-Ethernet shield is designed using the WIZnet W6100 chip. This is Arduino pin compatible.

more hardware info by Wiki

Buy W6100 MKR-Ethernet shield :
KR(₩) HK($) USA($)


W6100-EVB is an evaluation board for W6100 chip based on the 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 microcontroller.

more hardware info by Wiki

Buy W6100-EVB :
KR(₩) HK($) USA($)



The io6Library means “Internet Dual(v4/6) protocol Offload Library” for WIZnet chips.

It includes drivers and application protocols.


W6100-EVB Examples



Ethernet Library for Arduino

WIZnet Ethernet Library supports W6100 chipset and W6100 (MKR-) Ethernet shield on Arduino.

For the more details, go to the below Wiki link.

Go to Wiki

W6100 (MKR-)Ethernet shield


  • By clicking on the Register as a participant button at the Overview
  • Registration period is 5/1 ~ 6/30
  • Each participant is allowed to submit only ONE project

To win WoW or WIZ:

  • Your project must be created using WIZnet devices
  • Your project must be relevant to the theme of the contest
  • Your final project must be fully documented on https://maker.wiznet.io
  • Your project must be posted on one of these sites, https://www.instructables.com/, https://www.hackster.io/
  • Your final project documentation must include the following:
    • a) Images b) Instructions c) Components used in the project  d) Source code (Github) e) video (optional)

In addition:

  • your entry must be your own original work; and
  • your entry cannot have been selected as a winner in any other contest; and
  • you must have obtained any and all consents, approvals or licenses required for you to submit your entry; and
  • your entry may not include any third party trademarks (logos, names) or copyrighted materials (music, images, video, recognizable people) unless you have obtained permission to use the materials.
  • After clicking “Register as a participant” button, “Create new project” button will be shown on the top of this contest page.
  • Since you have registered your project for a contest, you can submit and edit your project
  • The submission Deadline is 8/31 and can not be edited after that.

The following products are available:

  • WIZ610io
  • WIZ610MJ
  • W6100 Ethernet Shield (for Arduino)
  • W6100-EVB

And, any other customized module(device) using W6100 can be used. Additionally, You can purchase WIZ610io module at WIZnet e-shop at 50% off price for a month during the registration period. (within 2019 May)

Project Documentation

  • Details – Describe your project details and show how you created your project, including images, screenshots, and/or video
  • Components used in the project: Detail the hardware components as well as apps you used
  • Documents – Include working source code with helpful comments
  • Great photographs, videos, and screenshots are worth a thousand words. Ask yourself: “If I were a beginner reading this project, would I understand how to recreate it?”
  • The project must clearly address the contest theme which is ‘IoT Project’ using WIZnet devices


  • Your idea doesn’t have to be original, but it should be creative (a fresh take on an old idea is often worth as much as a brand new idea).
  • At Hardware part on the contest page, you can find the link for more details about each devices
  • At Software part on this contest page, you can find the link for more details about supported software.
  • With the vote button on the projects at Entry part on this contest page.
  • You can have multiple vote.
  • But you can not cancel your vote. Please carefully vote.
  • You can not cancel your vote.
  • Please carefully vote.

WoW Prize x 5

  • $1,000 cash

WIZ Prize x 20

  • $500 cash
  • The winners will be announced at Entries part on this contest page on August 31st, and they will be contacted individually
  • Enter the contest: 5/1 ~ 6/30
  • Create new project: 5/1 ~ 8/31
  • Voting & Judging: 9/1 ~ 9/29
  • Winner: 9/30
  • Contest winners will be announced on August 31, 2019. The list of winner will be visible on this contest page

How it works


Welcome to the world’s first design contest with hardwired TCP/Dual (IPv4/6).

All members of maker.wiznet.io can enter this contest to create any kind of IoT project.


5/1 ~ 6/30 Registration

5/1 ~ 9/15 Create and complete project

9/16 ~ 9/29 Voting and Judging

9/30 Winners announced

step03Create Your IoT project

All participates must use WIZnet’s W6100 related products.

Refer to the ‘Hardware’ section for more details.

step04Voting & Judging

All members of maker.wiznet.io can vote for multiple projects that they believe are creative and worth winning. Staff members of this community will grade entries and the final grading will be the average of the voting and judging results.

You can receive extra points for your final grading of the design contest project.


Post your IoT project that you intend to submit for the design contest at instructables.com or hackster.io


Share the URL of your instructables.com or hackster.io by saving it  at IoT iOffload Contest > Create New Project > Contest Tab


Total of 25 winners will be announced at this page on 8/31.

Winner will also receive a separate email from contest@wiznet.io regarding the prize details.