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MQTT ioModul 16DI/16DO - XMMQTT

MQTT ioModul 16DI/16DO

COMPONENTS Hardware components

WIZnet - W5500

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The module has 16 digital, 12-24V based, galvanically isolated inputs and 16 digital, 12-24V based, galvanically isolated outputs. Status of the inputs and outputs as well as status of the module are indicated by LEDs. An RJ45 ethernet interface and the MQTT protocol are used to set outputs, to inform about input changes or to read signal states.

What makes it special?

Easy to use; simple http web interface for setting parameters (IP address, debounce time, etc.); no specialized outputs, so that voltages up to 230V can also be switched via coupling relays


  • MQTT ioModul 16DI/16DO

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