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WIZnet Adopts Platform Security Architecture (PSA) to Enhance IoT Security
  • Author : wizadmin
  • Date : 2023-03-07
  • Views : 2066

WIZnet, a leading provider of IoT solutions, has announced its latest SDK for the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) to enhance the security of its products. PSA is a set of guidelines and specifications developed by ARM to improve security in IoT devices, providing a common framework for secure hardware and software design.

As IoT devices become increasingly interconnected, the need for robust security measures has become more critical than ever. The PSA framework includes a set of guidelines for hardware security, software security, and secure boot and debug. By following these guidelines, IoT device manufacturers can implement a consistent and robust security approach across their products, making it more difficult for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities.

WIZ io Security PSA-SDK contains sample code and examples for incorporation of WIZnet TCP Offload Ethernet chips into Trusted Firmware.

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