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WIZnet Ethernet HAT adds Ethernet to Raspberry Pi Pico projects
  • Author : Jake
  • Date : 2021-10-06
  • Views : 17891
WIZnet's new products, WIZnet Ethernet HAT and W5100S-EVB-Pico can add Ethernet to Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040.



As you all know, Arduino was introduced in 2003 as the sensational open-sourced hardware platform

that transcended the DIY market.

WIZnet's hardwired TCP/IP chip, W5100, was chosen by Arduino for their official Ethernet Shield in 2008.

Since then, WIZnet Ethernet controllers were used for the next generations of Arduino Ethernet Shields.

Arduino enabled makers to expand their imaginations and share DIY IoT projects – and proven by the users,

WIZnet became the 'de facto standard' for Ethernet in the Arduino world. 



Raspberry Pi & WIZnet

After a successful collaboration with Arduino,

WIZnet continued to be involved in OSHW by becoming an ARM Mbed silicon partner in 2015.

And now, WIZnet expects Raspberry Pi's RP2040 to become a new game changer.

Raspberry Pi foundation originally provided Linux based platforms for educational purposes in 2012.

Since then, Raspberry Pi has sold over 30 million boards.

Raspberry Pi released RP2040 and Pico in 2021; a powerful and price competitive solution that can grant

various opportunities to both Raspberry Pi computer users and IoT makers.

Upton Talks Raspberry Pi SoC: Why We Named it RP2040

(source:  https://www.tomshardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-pico-decoded )


Based on experience working with Arduino, WIZnet can provide SPI interface for easy expansion of hardware

for the Raspberry Pi Pico community as well.

WIZnet’s ioLibrary is open-sourced and we’re preparing the new products to work in C/C++, CircuitPython,

and MicroPython (in-development).

WIZnet Ethernet HAT is pin-compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico for simple ‘plug and play.’

W5100S-EVB-Pico uses RP2040 as the MCU.



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