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Arduino Weather Forecast using public data from the Meteorological Forecast

Arduino Weather Forecast using public data from the Korea Meteorological Administration (Meteorological Forecast)

COMPONENTS Hardware components

WIZnet - WizArduino M0 ETH

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Software Apps and online services

Arduino - Arduino IDE

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H/W configuration :
The board used  WizArduino  .
Apart from everything else, the functions of Ethernet Shield 2 are on one board.

Ethernet Shield 2 uses WIZnet's W5500 chip.
Because the chip is different, the library is also different.
Therefore, you need to add the Ethernet2 library.
In the old org IDE, it was included by default, and from 1.8.0 after integration these days, it can be added through the library manager.

In case of Ethernet Shield using the existing W5100 or W5200, you can use the Ethernet library as it is.







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