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Introducing RTOS supporting WIZnet's W5500

Introducing the RTOS such as Zephyr, RT-Thread, and NuttX that supports the W5500 as an official component, the W5500 Driver, and usage examples

COMPONENTS Hardware components

WIZnet - W5500

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We introduce the RTOS that supports the W5500 as an official component, the W5500 Driver, and usage examples.

1. Zephyr RTOS

Zephyr by Linux Foundation supports more than 400 boards. WIZnet's W5500 applied in ARCELI W5500 ETH. Zephyr provides its own network stack, and W5500 works with this network stack in MACRAW mode.



One of the best examples of the W5500 in Zephyr is the Ethernet Solution provided by Golioth, a Silver Member of Zephyr.



Zephyr Ethernet Sample Code by Golioth




2. RT-Thread

RT-Thread is an RTOS developed by RT-Thread Development Team based in China. Their Ethernet solution based on WIZnet can be found in the following GitHub repository.



It uses WIZnet's original technology, Hardwired TCP/IP, not MACRAW mode. Therefore, although the number of sockets is limited, the memory usage and load on the MCU can be reduced.

To learn more about how to use W5500 in RT-Thread, refer to the link below.



3. NuttX

NuttX is an RTOS provided by The Apache Software Foundation.


Check NuttX's W5500 Driver from the link below.



NuttX supports BSD-compatible sockets and W5500 is compatible with this library in MACRAW mode.


WIZnet's W5500

WIZnet specializes in hardwired TCP/IP & collaborates with Arduino, RaspberryPi, ARMmbed, and makers to provide ideal Ethernet for IoT.

The W5500 chip is a Hardwired Internet controller designed as a full hardwired TCP/IP stack with WIZnet technology. W5500 provides Internet connectivity to your embedded systems by using SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface). SPI provides easy connection via external MCU to W5500. The clock speed of W5500 SPI supports up to 80MHz. Learn more

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