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DIY! Hardware solution for Ethernet multicast of a HIFI audio stream.

tutorial how to create a hardware solution for Ethernet multicast audio streaming

COMPONENTS Hardware components

WIZnet - WIZ850io

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This is a video tutorial in French on how to create a hardware solution for Ethernet multicast audio streaming. The system can transmit high-quality audio over a wired Ethernet network, either in unicast mode (one transmitter, one receiver) or multicast mode (one transmitter, multiple receivers). The transmitter has a stereo analog input, as well as SPDIF coaxial and optical Toslink digital inputs. The audio signal is transmitted over UDP in multicast or unicast mode to a local network composed of one or more switches. The receivers have stereo and mono analog outputs and can be adjusted using an Android app that can adjust volume, balance, treble, bass, and other parameters. The system requires switches that support IGMP snooping, and the total cost of the system is estimated to be around 90 euros for the transmitter and 70 euros per receiver. The tutorial provides a detailed overview of the hardware and software components required to build the system, as well as some tips for optimizing performance. The system is designed for use in a home environment, where it can be used to create a multi-room audio solution.

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