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Programmable IoT Edge ESP32 Ethernet IO Module

Programmable ESP32 Ethernet IO Modules can be used to build the custom solution for secure monitoring and controlling the IO. Field data col


Features :

Open-source Hardware ESP32 Dual-core  32-bit  up to 240 MHz, Flash 16 MB.

Support most of the open-source platforms for Custom Programming 

The device offers multiple industrial protocols like TCP/IP, ProfiNet, MODBUS TCP, JSON, MQTT, and FTP and supports secure communication SSL.

Industrial Grade Design - Isolated  & Protected IO &  EMC / EMI compliance.

Support most of the cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure & AWS etc 

OTA Firmware upgrade supported  

Support communication over USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet 10/100 Mbps 

Isolated & protected 8x  24 V Digital Input, 

On board SD card  & RTC 

Supported DC 9-24V Power Supply.

Application : 

Remote  Monitoring 

Production and process monitoring.

Utilities & Energy monitoring.

Andon System 

Hotel Room Automation 

Smart feedback collecting system 

Alarm & Automated Task application 

Condition monitoring.

Environment monitoring.

Industrial Smart grid

Edge Ethernet to WiFi gateway application 

Beacon Ethernet / WiFi Gateway 

Standard PLC & SCADA Applications

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