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Duino Coin Mining with WIZnet W5100S-PICO-Mining Rig

Let's see how to mine the Duino coin using WIZnet W5100S-PICO-Mining Rig. Who knows! Maybe this could make us rich!!!??

COMPONENTS Hardware components

Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Pico

x 11

WIZnet - W5100S

x 1

x 1

x 1


Let's mining Duino coin with WIZnet W5100S-PICO-Mining Rig.

This is an example project for mining duino coin with multi slave duino coin miner rig using WIZnet W5100S and RP2040. Through this project, total 10 slaves, 20 cores can be used for the hash calculation for earning duino coin. Also you can increase the number of slaves by modifying the schematics and software.


Restrictions: There is a limit on the number of miners. To get rid of this limitation, you will need to purchase additional slots for mining machines from the duino wallet site. Or "Too many miners" warning will be shown and the mining efficiency drops significantly.

Let's get started!

0. Preparation

  • Duino Coin wallet: https://wallet.duinocoin.com/
  • W5100S-PICO-Mining rig or hardware with the same schematic
  • Micro USB cable
  • Internet router
  • Ethernet cable

1. Download

Clone the WIZnet RP2040 DUINO COIN Mining stack example code using the Git command on your environment

> git clone https://github.com/Wiznet/RP2040-HAT-MINING-C.git

2. Input your Duino information

Open file "examples/minerMaster/minerMaster.cpp" and inpur your user name and miner key

/* Duino coin information for the mining*/
// User name : input yours
#define  DUINO_USER_NAME  "user name"
// Miner key : input yours
#define  DUINO_MINER_KEY  "miner key"

3. Build

- Create build folder

> cd RP2040-HAT-MINING-C
> mkdir build
> cd build

- CMake and make

> cmake ..
> make -j8

option "-j8" means that 8 cores will be used to make

4. Flash program After the build, two binary files are created in the following folder.

  • Master binary: build/examples/minerMaster/minerMaster.uf2
  • Slave binary: build/examples/minerSlave/minerSlave.uf2

Binary file can be programed using BOOTSEL button on the RP2040 board. If the micro usb cable is connected to the PC while the button is pressed, it is recognized as an external storage device. Programming is done by simply copying the binary file to the external storage device.


5. Test

Put the all programmed slaves to the slots and connect the miner rig to the internet router using ethernet cable. Supply power using the usb cable or POE. A few minutes after, the mining status is displayed through the TFT LCD on the board.


The mining status can be checked from the duino coin wallet web site too.

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Hardware information:


  • code

  • schematic

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