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FPGA expansion board W5500 Ethernet TCP/IP CYPRESS USB2.0 GF interface

FPGA expansion board W5500 Ethernet TCP/IP CYPRESS USB2.0 GF interface

COMPONENTS Hardware components

WIZnet - W5500

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Expansion board front


The expansion board is docked with the Goldfinger core board (this product does not include the Goldfinger core board)

baby description

Expansion board resources:
1. The SO-DIMM-204PIN socket can be connected to various FPGA golden finger core boards in our store.
2. TI power module TPS62130, 3.3V/2.5V/1.5V/1.2V voltage.
3. TI power module TPS51200, DDR reference voltage, current sink and source (Sink and Source).
4. Support Altera and Xilinx standard JTAG download interface.
5. USB2.0 chip CY7C68013A, supports 480Mbps high-speed mode, GPIF interface.
6. Ethernet chip W5500, support 100Mbps, support TCP/IP/UDP protocol, SPI interface.
7. Audio chip WM8731, 24bit ADC/DAC, 96Kbps, IIS interface.
8. User IO expansion socket 2*30PIN.
9. 1 SD socket, 1 digital tube, 2 buttons, 4 LED lights.



Shipping list


      1. One expansion board (FPGA_Expand_GF, excluding Golden Finger core board).

  2. The development board information is provided by the network disk link.
     https://pan.baidu.com/s/1fJxEaR4gV8JMTG-nUfx3FA Extraction code: jy67

    (This link contains all the development board materials in this store, please find the corresponding catalog to download according to the keywords)

  3. One DC 5V-2A power supply, several copper pillars.

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