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Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 with microSD reader- A000024

Shield for Arduino allows users to easily connect to the Ethernet network. Module based on W5500, it also has a microSD card slot


The module is an extension for module Arduino that connect to Ethernet network. The service is simplified by the library together with intuitive documentation and numerous examples. Shield is also a reader of microSD memory cards, which allows to store more data.

Arduino Ethernet Shield z czytnikiem kart microSD


The subject of the sale is only the shield. The Arduino Uno can be purchased separately in our store.



  • Working voltage: 5 V (powered from Arduino pins)
  • Ethernet controller: W5500 with buffer of 32 KB
  • Data transfer rate: 10/100 MB
  • Communication: SPI bus
  • Built-in microSD memory card reader
    • Available from the level of a standard SD Card library
    • Pin SS of the SPI bus is at the pin no. 4
  • Built-in RJ45 connector
  • The possibility to connect the module PoE- power over Ethernet
  • The module has the following status LEDs:
    • ON - signals the proper powering
    • LINK - indicates a connection to the network
    • FDX - indicates the connection in full duplex mode
    • 100M - indicates the communication with the speed of 100 Mbit/s
    • ACT - flashes when using pins RX and TX
  • Led out RESET button of the Arduino
  • Shield is compatible with Arduino Uno and Mega(does not support Arduino Zero Pro M0)


Arduino Ethernet Shield


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