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LiFi Communication

LiFi Communication

COMPONENTS Hardware components

x 2

for sender and Reciever

x 1

for sending data to Server (cloud)

x 1

for sending data

x 1

for collecting data

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x 5

Software Apps and online services

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for coding



Li-Fi or light fidelity refers to Visible Light Communication(VLC) system using light emitting diodes (LED), as a medium to high-speed communication in a similar manner as Wi-Fi . Li-Fi  is a better alternative to WI-FI in wireless communication. It has more capacity in terms of bandwidth in visible region therefore it does not interfere in other communications.  This system has a high speed such that it cannot be seen by the human eye. By applying photosensitive detector, transmitted data can be received at the receiver. In this framework, both the PC’s act as a transceiver as it exhibits bidirectional VLC (Visible Light Communication) system. Transmission of data occurs between two computers via Arduino hardware and Arduino software using an emitter LED as a transmitter and a photo diode LED as a receiver. We also use an IR sensor to transfer data between the computers. In this project we are building a model to transfer text data from one device to another with the help of LiFi or Light Fidelity technology.  The emitter LED encrypts the data and it is sent through visible light to the photo diode LED which the decrypts the data.


Below Connectiions are for Sender side and Reciver Side. Sender Side   Reciever Side  


From Sender Side, In Arduino IDE, the user can send data to Reciever using IR L.E.D, in which the data is converted to binary format with help of a function called SoftwareSerial. It is inBuilt Function in Arduino IDE. so after convertion data or message is sended. From Reciever side, the photodiode is collected the data sended, in which it is converted back to orginal form with help of same fucntion SoftwareSerial, and the data or massage is displayed in Serial Monitor in Reciever Side. Also when the data is recieved, with help of wiznet w1600 board the the message or data is send to the cloud or server which is working on the basis of MQTT  Client ,in which user (at reciever side) can also monitor through any other devices like smart phone etc...    

Note* :

In this System, i used only 1 laptop for sending and recieving data, but also it can use  2 laptops , in which one laptop contains Sender Code and other laptop contains Reciever Code. So the system will be like data transmission between pc to pc.  

Real Time Working Model is shown in Below Video Link

LiFi Communication using IR LED with Code and explanation


Therefore, by using this system, we can obtain a better speeds than Wi-Fi and normal connecting cables which are commonly used for the file transfer. The Radio band crisis problem can also be solved by employing the further existing system with this technology. As internet is not required for any of its software the bandwidth is also conserved hence reducing the network complexity. By further development of this technology can transfer the Files ranging GB’s within few seconds.        
  • Arduino Code (Sender and Reciever Code)

  • Sender Connection Diagram

  • Reciever Connection Diagram

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