WIZnet Cloud
Cloud Service for loT Devices
Enable highly secure and reliable communication between your Internet of Things (IoT) application and the devices it manages. WIZnet IoT Cloud solution provides a solution back end to connect virtually any device. Build your solution with per-device authentication, extend to edge and scaled provisioning.
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WIZnet;s cloud service provides secure communication based on MQTT protocol and SSL authentication.
The administration, distribution, and renewal of the authentication are done via WIZnet cloud to guarantee the connection between devices.
All your IoT devices will be up to date via ‘group management service’ – and the data collected from the IoT devices will be analyzed and displayed using RDBMS for various applications.

Device management
The device management service will enable
monitoring and managing the numerous IoT devices and its SSL certificates.
The device can distribute/manage/renew the SSL certificate via device
authentication server – and update the latest software versions using FOTA.
Data management
The device management service dashboard is customizable
to display the analyzed data to the user’s liking – machine learning
and rule engine is also provided for various applications.
Device management
・ Distribute/manage/renew SSL certificate
・ Categorize/manage up to hundreds of devices
・ Device management via FOTA
Data management
・ Azure RDBMS based data collection
・ Analyze data via AI & ML
・ Auto scalable database
Dash Board
・ Customizable Dashboard using widgets
・ Rule-engine & alarm service
MS Azure Sphere
ASG210 WIZnet Sphere Guardian 210
ASG210 (Azure Sphere Guardian) is an on-premise to cloud solution
device based on Azure Sphere OS - suitable for existing brownfield
applications to transform into greenfield.
WIZnet Azure Sphere Guardian 210 (ASG210) is designed for the existing system, Brown-field, which is reqired to data communication with Cloud service or remote access, on Azure Sphere Security system which ganuntees high-level security in hardware & network side. ASG210 supports a variety of interfaces, GPIOs/I2C/UART(RS232/485/422) to help reducing additional cost for Brown-field system introducing high-level security system and Cloud service.
WIZnet ASG210
Azure Sphere Guardian 210
Product Details
User Case
ASG210 can connect to the existing system and send the data from the battery cells to WIZnet cloud’s
battery cell with SSL – and migrate the existing group management system to manage all the devices in the field.