How to become WIZnet VAR and make VAR product!
VAR is Value Added Reseller.
Open VAR is an easy-making VAR with W5500 or WIZwiki-W7500 Platform with WIZnet.

If you want to make your own VAR with W5500, then we will give every related datum for you.(Contact :

The below is our VAR making product with W7500 MCU chip.
If anyone would make open VAR prodcut following below process, then that product will support mbed, so can supporting many mbed examples.

StageDescriptionRelated Picture or Datum
Step 1ConceptionGood Idea!One can make W7500 Open VAR, because W7500 is optimized MCU on IoT era.
One can make Serial to Ethernet or other VAR using W7500.
W7500 is optimized at Ethernet functions and have many merits like unattackable against DDOS.
[WIZwiki-7500 Block diagram]
Parts & Costs If you decide what to make, then you should think about parts required and total cost.
Step 2Hardware
If you make mbed-supporting VAR, then your schematic should follow the inteface between W7500 and NXP11U35 chip like WIZwiki Platform.
Then HDK(Hardware Development Kit) is completed.
WIZwiki Platform was designed with Altium tool.
[WIZwiki-W7500 Schematic] (Altium Designer)
Step 3ArtWorkArtWorkAfter Schematic, you should do ArtWork.
[WIZwiki-W7500 ArtWork] (Altium Designer)
Gerber File After ArtWork, you can generate Gerber File using tool.(Altium or others)If you need WIZwiki Platform Gerber files, then please contact at
Step 4ImplementSolderingWith Gerber File, you can make PCB board.
I think you can be soldered.
If soldering the PCB and some problems, then you should debug the Hardware.
Complete After every problems settled, then Hardware works are finished.
Pin MAP You should make Pin MAP.
The right picture is WIZwiki Platform PinMAP
Step 5Software
Firmware work is also easy.
Every code is ready already.
You just copy the WIZwiki SDK and modify the pinname.h file only.
Step 6Pull RequestAsking ARM PermitTo support ARM mbed askings, you should do pull request work.
- first of all, run
Please click the below URL.
Step 7Testtest code- bin file.
- test method.
For WIZwiki platform, you can reference the below URL.
Problem Shooting If you found some problems, then settle those down.
Step 8Manual workDatasheetMake the datasheet document using datum collected meantime like Schematic, Pin MAP.
[WIZwiki-W7500 Library]
[WIZwiki-W7500 Documents]
Step 9Production3rd Party ProductionWhen producing first 100 or 200 products, you can use 3rd party professional company.
e-SaleYou should find the profession distribution or e-sale to sell your new VAR products.
WIZnet have Gloval e-Sale, so we can help you.
[WIZnet USA E-Sale shop]
[WIZnet Europe E-Sale shop]
[WIZnet Korea E-Sale shop]
Joint Marketing If your VAR is good, then we can do the joint marketing for your VAR product.If you make the W7500 VAR and want to do joint marketing, then please contact at