Connect your Arduino Ethernet to the Cloud

Setup Download the UbidotsEthernet library here Go to the Arduino IDE, click on Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library Select the .ZIP file of UbidotsEthernet and then “Accept” or “Choose” …

You can turn on the TV at ANY TIME.

We can turn ON and Turn Off the Tv remotely using IR and IoT technology. We can send the IR code it may ON or OFF etc. to the gateway, then gateway sends it to the client device via the server.

GroveStreams Arduino – Quick Start

This tutorial walks through the creation of a user account, an organization, and an Arduino sketch that uploads temperature readings into GroveStreams every 20 seconds.

Plotly + Arduino Data Visualization

The purpose of this instructable is to demonstrate how to hook up an Arduino + Ethernet Shield and send data to’s Servers and create beautiful graphs.