S2C Module
Serial to Cloud module
WIZnet’s S2C module will enable users to send serial data to the Cloud via Ethernet. Users can save certifications using the Arm TrustZone and F/W updates are done via Dual Bank. W510S2C can connect to SSL server and transmit data to various cloud services via MQTT over SSL.
Comming soon!

W510S2C is WIZnet’s first serial to cloud module, composed of W5100S and STM Cortex M33, can connect to all 3 major IoT cloud services –
AWS, Azure, and GCP. WIZnet also provides its own WIZnet IoT Cloud service that can save authentications and update F/W via Dual bank.
W510S2C is projected to be both price competitive (30% cheaper in average) and safer than the current comparison products in the market.

・ MCU : STM32L552CET6 Cortex-M33​
・ Connectivity : W5100S iEthernet IC​
・ Serial Signals : UART TTL - TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS​
- Optional DTR/DSR signals supported
・ Protocol : TCP Server / Client, UDP, SSL TCP Client, MQTT
- MQTT over SSL
・ SSL Version : TLS 1.2​
・ MQTT Version : MQTT 3.1.2
・ Certificate on ARM Trust zone
・ Secure Safety FOTA (Encryption, DualBank)
・ Supports 3 main IoT Service: AWS, AZURE, GCP
・ AWS FreeRTOS + CLI (AWS FreeRTOS Qualified)​
・ AWS Embedded SDK C (AWS IoT Core Qualified)
・ WIZnet Cloud Certificate Service
・ HTTPS Auto Provisioning​
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