Watterot Lan-Bee

Features WIZnet W5500 Ethernet Controller (10/100Mbps) Integrated IPv4 stack (TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, PPPoE) SPI interface with 5V tolerant inputs XBee compatible Pinout Documents Schematics + Layout https://learn.watterott.com/bee-modules/lan/

Raspberry PI EtherCAT Master (PiCAT) with W5500

The most important work to archive real-time EtherCAT Master on Raspberry Pi is the real-time capable driver for Network controller, W5500 chip in this case. W5500 is controller via SPI interface, writing driver for W5500 is mostly about working with SPI on Raspberry pi.

Arduino Iot Parking system

Ethernet or Internet communication originally, a protocol has been defined between peer-to-peer and configured to communicate with that protocol.Ethernet shield uses the chip of Wiznet W5500 which solves the TCP/IP Protocols.

Chat Server.

A simple server that distributes any incoming messages to all connected clients. To use, open a terminal window, Telnet to your devices IP address, and type away.