Smart home with Blynk

First of all, This example give us information that is how much it will cost to make it.
It says total cost for this project is about $ 150. Also there are Components info that all you need and Youtube/Github link.
If you want to make an IoT Smart home, It will be nice 🙂


I made a weather station connected to the internet. It measures temperature, humidity, UV index, rainfall and it calculates few more important meteorological values. It then sends this data to, which has nice graphics and UX. It also has a weather web camera. It cost me around 150€. I made this station as my school project.

Arduino Room Monitoring Web Server

In this Project we will use Arduino and Ethernet shield W5100 to create a simple Web server.Using the Ethernet library, the device will be able to answer a HTTP request with the Ethernet shield. After opening a browser and navigating to the Ethernet shield’s IP address, the Arduino will respond with just enough HTML for a browser to display the data


The project presented here it is a TCP/IP socket system between an Arduino Ethernet Shield and a program running in a laptop elaborated by Processing. To demonstrate a total communication between the client and the server of the TCP/IP socket, I’ve designed a program in which the data sensors are represented in the screen and when a button is pushed, the client or the server respond with a light.