Engineering Drawing Robot

In this project we propose an educational robotic drawing system for learning purpose. Our system uses robot to draw projection of lines and all engineering geometry such as cube ,triangle ,square, polygon autonomously .The bot is completely autonomous once it is programmed through software interface.

Raspberry PI EtherCAT Master (PiCAT) with W5500

The most important work to archive real-time EtherCAT Master on Raspberry Pi is the real-time capable driver for Network controller, W5500 chip in this case. W5500 is controller via SPI interface, writing driver for W5500 is mostly about working with SPI on Raspberry pi.

Hacking the OWI Robotic Arm using Cayenne and Controllino .

This project shows how to take over the controls of the OWI Robotic Arm with the help of an Arduino compatible open-source PLC called the Controllino MAXI, together with Cayenne . The Controllino MAXI provides the physical connections to the OWI robotic arm, and Cayenne allows control of the arm via a web browser or via the Cayenne app on phone thus enabling the control of the OWI Robotic arm from anywhere in the world.

Internet Controlled house and Robot

In this project, Author will tell you how to connect your entire house(all the electrical appliances ) to internet so that you can control your each and every equipment from anywhere in the world.
When i click “on” for TV it open web address which send some data to arduino just say 1. When i click off for tv it send 2. Accordingly my main server nano board receive ascii code and further transmit it to slave server which trigger the relay connected to tv. as simple as that.


Salvius is a robot made out of recycled materials, designed to be able to perform a wide range of tasks by having a body structure that is similar to that of a human.