Arduino Compatible W5500 Ethernet Development Board

Connect your Arduino design to the internet-of-things with this handy W5500 ethernet development board with atmega328p on board. Fully compatible with UNO with integrated USB download & micro SD card slot.
  • In-built W5500 ethernet controller for instant IoT connection for your Arduino design
  • Uses standard libraries
  • On-board MicroSD card slot
  • atmega328p UNO compatible microcontroller
  • Standard pin outs and fully shield compatible
  • Works with standard Arduino libraries and an updated IDE.
technical details
  • Main Chip ATMEGA328 microcontroller
  • USB power supply:5v
  • External power:7-12v,(9v recommended)
  • Digital input/output pins: 14(of which 6 pins support PWM)
  • Analog input pin: 6
  • Built-in flash memory:32K
  • SRAM: 2k
  • Clock frequency:16MH
  • Features: TCP/IP Ethernet controller W5500, MicroSD card mountTF card), MicroUSB
how to use



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