Home Automation with Self-learning 433 Power Switches

Self-learning switches do not have any dipswitches but when plugged in power you get some time to program them with either the supplied remote or now with Cayenne.
By wj4me


What’s Connected

The project exits off:
• Arduino UNO
• W5100 LAN module
• 433-module
• RTC-module (DS3231)
• Self-learning power switches
Added functionality:
• Daylight Saving Time for CET
• Sunset/Sunrise calculation

The RTC-module (DS3231) is added for two reasons.
• Unaware if the time can be retrieved from Cheyenne
• Store in the alarm if we are on DST-time or not
Some lines are set to comment, you can use this section to reset your RTC-module and/or to set a new time.
In this section you also “give the “DTS_check the initial correct value; DST in CET is calculated a bit odd).

Triggers & Alerts

The Present time, sunrise and sunset are used to calculate if it is night time or not:
if (time_now >= time_sunset or time_now <= time_sunrise) {
and saved as a digital sensor. This sensor is used in a trigger to switch light on/off at sunset/sunrise.


Sunset and sunrise is calculted daily at 2 AM.
Some lights will switch off at pumkin time (others on sunrise done with a trigger).

Dashboard Screenshots

The dashboard:



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