2I2O-Modbus TCP relay

Modbus TCP relay
Two 10A relay controllers, with switch closed or open output, can be used for smart home control, and can be used for secondary development with mobile phones or computers to remotely control electric equipment such as lights, motors, and provide C++ source code. Reliable network connection, the router restarts after the network is disconnected, the network connection can be reliably restored, and it can be controlled remotely across the gateway. This product is powered by 5V, with two relays normally open output, without normally closed output. Support MODBUS TCP protocol, can connect with Kingview. Support 4 network connections in TCP server mode (the product that only supports one connection on the market).
how to use


Feature of product
1. Support working in TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode.
2. It supports 4 client connections under the TCP server mode.
3. Support MODBUS TCP protocol and Kingview.
4. Supports online update procedures, which is very convenient for customers to customize procedures.
5. The device name can be customized, and the Chinese definition is supported. When there are many devices, there is no need to record the complicated IP number.
6. The heartbeat packet time can be customized, and the reliability of the network is restored
7. The 32-bit microcontroller (STM32F103C8) with the high-performance Cortex-M3 core is used instead of the 8-bit microcontroller on the market. The network chip uses the hardware protocol W5500 instead of the low-cost ENC28J60.

Product description

1. Support TCP server, TCP client, UDP

2. Supporting 4 client connections in the TCP server.Assume that the local port is 5000.Port 5000,5001,5002,5003 can be connected to the TCP client.

3. Support TCP MODBUS protocol



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