Valuables safe, remote anti-theft, monitoring system

This work takes W5500 network chip and enhanced 8051 core microcontroller STC15F2K60S2 as the core, and designs a computer remote control anti-theft system based on W5500 Ethernet control chip
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         This work takes W5500 network chip and enhanced 8051 core microcontroller STC15F2K60S2 as the core, and designs a computer remote control anti-theft system based on W5500 Ethernet control chip. We can use this in exhibition booths, home safes and other important items storage areas. Through the network, customers can remotely monitor items. Through extension, the system can also automatically dial the Internet phone 110 when the item is stolen.

System design block diagram:

System design principle:

       This work collects the pressure signal on site through the pressure sensor and converts it into an electrical signal output, and then amplifies the electrical signal output by the pressure sensor through the instrument amplifier INA128. Since the STC15F2K60S2 microcontroller integrates an 8-channel 10-bit A\D converter, we directly use it The single-chip microcomputer STC15F2K60S2 performs A\D conversion on the amplified electrical signal, and displays the converted result through the 1602 liquid crystal, and transmits the liquid crystal display value to the PC upper computer through the W5500 network chip through the Ethernet for display, and sends it to the single-chip computer through the upper computer The instruction realizes the remote control alarm system. After putting valuables in the exhibition area, monitor them. If it is safe, the display shows the word “safe”. If the item is moved, the remote host computer prompts danger and the alarm system works. If it is found that the item has not been stolen, we can turn off the alarm system by remotely controlling the computer.

Video demo:

1. Application areas:

Exhibition booths, home safes, store display stands, store counters and other important items storage areas

2. Market value:

(1) Through this system, customers can remotely monitor whether some important things have been stolen. For example: safes, important documents, etc.

(2) Parents can also use this system to monitor whether the child has moved the toy box at an unauthorized time.

3. Future prospects:

(1) Through networking, it is possible to dial an internet phone and call 110 when the alarm is reported to realize the alarm.

(2) By searching for information, we hope to connect our anti-theft system to the network through the platform of Le Internet, so that customers can monitor items through mobile phone software and turn on and off the anti-theft system.

(3) As a college student of Chengdu University of Technology (formerly Chengdu Institute of Geology), we considered applying this equipment to mining production. Preliminary measurements are made on the mined ore to calculate daily or even annual ore production. The principle is to use the W5500 network chip and a weighing module to realize the weighing of the product and ore in industrial production, and then store it in mobile devices such as computers or mobile phones through a small local area network, so that users can view and save relevant data at any time.

Experience (see the attached documentation for details):

       In general, W5500 is really convenient to use, easy to learn, and easy to program with Socket, but these are the feelings that we only have after using W5500, and for us who are just getting started in the field of electronics, Before you have used any network chip, you can easily get started and program after touching the W5500 Ethernet control chip.

The system principle, scheme selection, system test experience and so on have all been explained in detail in the description file of the attached compressed package.

Attachment content screenshot:


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