Supply iCore3 Dual-Core Control Board + FPGA ARM Development Board

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Supply iCore3 Dual-Core Control Board + FPGA ARM Development Board

iCore3 application development platform technical indicators

1, the structure: iCore3 core board with expansion board mode, fully inherited iCore3 core board advantage;

2, power management: built-in BUCK, BOOST, voltage reversal circuit, and through high-side current sampling, to achieve real-time voltage and current monitoring;3, the display part: 7-inch true color resistive touch LCD screen, resolution 800x480; FPGA driver, SDRAM as a memory; completely independent intellectual property rights;4, oscilloscope: dual-channel 100MHz (overclocking) sampling rate oscilloscope;5, the waveform generator: single-channel 100MHz sampling rate, 10MHz output arbitrary wave generator;6, the voltmeter: high precision isolation voltmeter channel; and comes with STM32F0 microprocessor (isolation);7, interface: RS-232 / RS-485 / RS-422 / high-speed USB-OTG / Fast Ethernet interface;8, other: all the way temperature sensor, all the way buzzer, all the way with speed fan control circuit; two sets of rotary encoder;9, all software interface based on emWin5.22 completed;10, support uC / OS III operating system.

the platform advantages

1, heterogeneous dual-core advantage: CPU + FPGA dual-core advantage is that the CPU instruction is serial execution, and FPGA can be seen as a "parallel" processor, like the CPU is a general manager of the company, and FPGA Can be seen as a lot of secretary, minister, and so on the composition of the professional team; what things are for the general manager to deal with one will affect the efficiency; the second is to deal with the key, but to delay things. CPU + FPGA this idea is much better, the general manager (CPU) to grasp some of the key things, and the task one by one assigned to the hands (FPGA logic parallel unit), so that they are in charge of a share; this safe and reliable, Fast response, high efficiency.

2, power management advantages: an electronic products can work steadily, first of all to deal with power-related circuits, the platform not only to achieve a common power conversion (including linear power conversion, switching power supply conversion, boost, buck, voltage Reverse, etc.), and to achieve a high-side current detection, real-time assessment of system power consumption, if found abnormal can immediately notify the user; these features only in mature products will see, the general development board is not.3, analog circuit advantages: Now a lot of online development platform, more than 90% only some CPU plus some peripherals, add up to some simple ADC, DAC to complete a simple functional verification; In fact, really do the system, the product, analog circuit accounted for the proportion A bit smaller than the digital part, and the difficulty is far greater than the digital part, not learn to use a CPU can make a good product, beginners often overlooked this point. The platform to achieve a dual-channel oscilloscope, multi-function arbitrary wave generator, high-precision isolation voltmeter, covering almost most of the application areas; general development board is not this feature.4, LCD driver IP core advantages: We really realize the use of SDRAM cache to do the LCD driver logic, and based on this driver to make a satisfactory man-machine interface, the code to do the stability of the very difficult, the market only sell such products , But no one like us to provide all the source code.5, CPU + FPGA seamless combination of advantages: We have achieved a variety of modes STM32 and FPGA communication, and to achieve a U disk, based on TF card, Ethernet-based FPGA online configuration function, the source code of these features on the Internet We are also the first to provide.6, secondary development advantages: iCore3 based on the secondary development of information (including software code, hardware packaging, etc.) We are using the management model, the need for secondary development we will teach you step by step to achieve.

7, the original code advantage: At present, we are based on iCore3 provides more than 80 examples, and in the constant update, later based on the platform source code will be more.

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Supply iCore3 Dual-Core Control Board + FPGA ARM Development BoardSupply iCore3 Dual-Core Control Board + FPGA ARM Development BoardSupply iCore3 Dual-Core Control Board + FPGA ARM Development BoardSupply iCore3 Dual-Core Control Board + FPGA ARM Development Board


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