AI, continue read the book you read yesterday

Robot can read a book


We all are in sounds. It means we cannot separate from noise or sound. Even there are many products including noise cancelling, it is for more focus to specific sounds like music. (Someone said the reason why we have two ears is listen more.)

One the other hands, sound is very important in our life. It makes us easy to recognize the identity. We unconsciously recognize the car with horn or wind made by a car, the baby with cry or party place with loud music. In many times, ears are much more sensitive than eyes.


People are gathering so many information from ears in every day. So many services cannot remove sound service even there is already displayed all information in IoT, Service industry and so on. Even AI speaker can read a book for their master.

For now, there are so many products are lunching to read a book or text files. However, it is now blue ocean. There are unlimited ideas from read a text or make sound for human. From now, robot start to speak something in many different fields. So, it is good time to jump in develop or excavate your own idea.


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The related project shows how to make robot speak about Twitter message. You can use Arduino examples and easily handle the project source code.

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