Super-Go: An Industrial IoT bot

This IoT bot would enable you to place order anytime anywhere. Can be used in any shop or industry to avoid queues and increase efficiency.
Hardware Components
Arduino UNO
X 1
X 1
HC-05 Bluetooth Module
X 2
Software Apps and online services
Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills Kit



Super-Go is an industrial IoT BOT (Internet of Things Robot), which, on receiving commands from the authorized user implements the task. Being an IoT bot it can be accessible around the globe by the user/owner. Upon receiving the particular command it locates the item and using different methods it delivers the product to the location of the customer.

Problem Statement:

Time is valuable for all. In the busy and tiring schedule of a human being, there are chances of forgetting some of the most essential and daily requirements like groceries or equipment which is needed in time. To overcome this issue, the proposed IoT BOT i.e., Super-Go helps in getting the requirements in real time from a fingertip to the products at home. This proposed project looks forward towards an automated retail super market (maybe a requirement of just one or two people) which will reduce the human errors and will also work efficiently


.A mobile application is used to enter the user’s requirements and the quantity of the content. A bar code is generated on the user’s mobile application which confirms the placement of the order. The data of the orders placed are sent to the Google’s Fusion table and then it is forwarded to the inventory where the person receives the message and instructs the Amazon Echo dot (Alexa) about the products. The instruction is done using the openHAB (open Home Automation Bus Server). Alexa communicates with the IoT BOT which is controlled using the microcontrollers and this will get all the products down the conveyer belt to the inventory window. On the way back home the user can just visit the inventory retail store to collect the products by scanning the bar code and paying the bill.

The robotic Arm is programmed to perform the requested task


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