8 way network relay module HHC_NET_8I8D

Ethernet access control - Relay switch, Modbus TCP access control, Pass through switch
8-way 10A relay controller with normally open and normally closed output. 8 switch inputs. It can be used for smart home control, and can be used for secondary development of mobile phones or computers to remotely control electric lights, motors, and other electrical equipment. It can also be used for power-off detection in the machine room. It can be connected with infrared sensor of human body, key switch and smoke alarm output. C + + source code. Reliable network connection, network disconnection can automatically reconnect.In the TCP service mode, there are four network connections (only one network connection on the market), and 32-bit MCU (STC8 on the market) is used,Very convenient network parameter setting software.Modbus TCP can be connected to Kingview.
1. Work in TCP server. TCP client. UDP mode.2. Connect 4 clients in the TCP server mode.3. Modbus TCP protocol, Kingview.4. Online update program is very convenient for customers to customize the program.5. It can customize the device name and Chinese definition. When there are many devices, there is no need to record tedious IP number.6. The heartbeat packet time can be customized and the network can be reliably disconnected for recovery.   7. The 32-bit microcontroller (stm32f103c8) with high-performance Cortex-M3 core is used instead of the 8-bit microcontroller on the market. The network chip adopts the w5500 with hardware protocol instead of the low-cost ones like ENC28J60.8. It can work in on-off transmission mode.9. There are three firmware downloaded through configuration Engineering: General firmware, switch value transparent firmware and access control firmware. General firmware is used in slave mode. It is controlled by command and transmitted through switch. It is used in pairs. One input controls the output of the other, and each input controls the output of the other relay. The access control firmware can be connected to four reading heads of Wigan 26 protocol.10. Modbus TCP command: 01 read relay status, 05 operate single relay, 0f operate all relays, 02 read switch input.
technical details
III. product parametersElectricity: DC 7-24v, power supply no less than 2A.Output: 8 relay outputs, each with a power of 2kW,Rated voltage of AC load: 250V, current: 10A. Rated voltage of DC load: 30V, current: 5A, no voltage output, the output is the switch value of the relay.Input: it can input switching value, passive or active, active 5V.Network parameters: it can be controlled across gateways (routing and forwarding should be set), and remote control should solve the dynamic IP problem by itself (the public IP assigned by the router is different each time it starts). Four: very simple control instructionsSend on1 to open the relay and send off1 to close the relay. The control method of the 2nd-8th channels is the same. Send read to read the status of the relay, for example, return to relay00000001, indicating that the circuit relay is on and the 2-8 circuit relay is off. It can delay control, for example, sending on1:02, which means that the relay is closed for 2 seconds and then released; sending on: 12, which means that the relay is closed for 12 seconds and then released, with a maximum delay of 99 seconds.
how to use


It can be used for access control, computer control, remote control of electrical appliances, smoke alarm output, human body infrared output, key switch, any passive switch input or active switch input (5V active switch). It can be controlled by external network and remote control by mobile phone (mobile app should be developed by itself).


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