Smart Metering

Smart Energy Meter using Arduino UNO, WIZnet W6100 Ethernet Shield and ACS712 Current Sensor.
By Midhun Josey
Hardware Components
Arduino Uno Rev3
X 1
Used along with WIZnet W6100 Ethernet module to publish the sketch to the sensors and to read data from the sensors.
WIZnet w600 Ethernet Shield
X 1
Used to get Internet connection to the arduino board via ethernet which inturns publish data to the cloud.
ACS712 Current Sensor
X 1
Used to calculate the current consumption (DC or AC) . It works on the principle of Hall Effect.
X 3
Used to connect the sensor with the WIZnet W6100 board.
Ethernet Cable
X 1
To connect the Ethernet module with the hub.
Electric Light Bulb.
X 1
An AC appliance which consumes electricity. We can use any AC applaince instead of the Bulb.
Connecting Wires
X 1
To connect the electric bulb from the power supply.
Software Apps and online services
Adafruit IO
To display the power consumed and also the bill amount online. It can also be viewed in mobile using MQQT app.



Wireless automation in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and billing has come of age. Traditional metering methods for retrieving the energy data of consumers is not convenient. The present system of energy billing is error prone, time, resource and labour consuming. The problem worsens when consumers try to bypass meter units, thereby pay less than what is actually consumed or the case of overbilling.

Saving energy is high on the agenda for consumers and businesses, but with most of the electrical devices today, it’s difficult to know how much energy we are actually using at any given point in time. Smart Energy Meter is a meter which helps the consumer to know their day to day power consumption to better control their usage and producers to manage their production. This energy meter records consumption of electric energy in intervals and sends the data to the cloud which can be viewd by the user anywhere in the world.  Smart Meter enable two-way communication between the meter and the central system.

The term Smart meter often refers to an electricity meter. Smart energy meter is software based, power efficient device that accurately tracks energy consumptions and performs computation. Meter readings can be transmitted to distributors/utilities over wire/wireless media; thus, eliminating the need of manual meter reading collection process. The Smart Energy Meter offers major benefits to both consumers and producers in terms of efficiency, reliability and cost saving.


Hardware Setup

Below shows the diagram of how the system works

Connection Diagram
Fig 1. Connection Diagram


The system consists of a current sensor(ACS712) which calulates the current consumption , sends it to the arduino board which analyzes the recived data and sends it to the cloud service using the WIZnet W6100 Ethernet Shield. Users can make use of their homes ethernet connection to send data into the cloud without any additional costs. So a wired connection seems sensible rather than a wireless medium which not only consumes more power but also uses bandwidth.

Fig 2. Working Connection Setup


Static Connecton Setup
Fig 3. Static Connecton Setup

Cloud Interface

The bill amount is also directly calculated using the formula and is also displayed in the cloud as shown below.

Fig 4. The Adafruit Dashboard

The cloud data gets upadted every 5 seconds . So it is easy for the user to understand if any appliance is using more power.

Live Data Capture
Fig 5. Live Data Capture

The data published is also available in the users mobile so that he can monitor the usage while he is away from home.

Mobile Dashboard
Fig 6. Mobile Dashboard


In traditional system a person has to come and collect the reading. Which would be time consuming and also could produce errors in the reading of the meter which could make the consumer pay a lower amount of bill or a large rate of overbill. It also wastes a large amount of man-power as well as time. It also provides the consumer with the readings and the consumption based on the intervals. Also avoids the incorrect billing issues and ability to balance demand against supply via flexible pricing and other policies. Thus the idea of Smart Energy meter is a huge upgrade over conventional meter reading techniques.

Arduino and W6100
The code for getting data from the sensor and to publish it to the cloud.
Connection Diagram
The diagram to connect the sensor and the boards.


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