Smart bed system

Smart bed system which controls light, temperature, bed gradient using voice recognition
Hardware Components
Arduino Uno,MEGA 2560
X 2
includes LED,RGB LED,DHT11,step motor,illuminance sensor
Raspberry pi
X 1
for using webOS
w6100 ethernet shield
X 1
wiznet ethernet shield
X 1
connect to raspberry pi
X 1
connect to raspberry pi
X 1
connect to raspberry pi
X 1
connect to raspberry pi(for speech recognition)
Software Apps and online services
The service that makes it easy to generate custom device requests in speech recognition

smart bed.jpeg

——–Smart bed system——–

We used webOS and google assistant library for webOS, So please refer,

——–Architecture of our system——–

This is architecture of our system.

IFTTT is the service that makes easy to generate custom commands which google assistant don’t recognize. We used this service to make our own commands.

In short,

  1. Say commands which we made using IFTTT to microphone.
  2. webOS application sends commands to google assistant server. Then server will response to application.
  3. webOS application sends specific JSON data to Arduino using HTTP request based on response.
  4. Arduino controls right actuators depending on the data.

——–Usage or Scenario——–

  1. Execute webOS and launch “Smart bed” application(web application)
  2. Click Start button to begin speech recognition
  3. Say some commands we made like “I want to read”, “Increase temperature”, etc… For example, If i say “I want to read”, then the bed will be upright

Above picture is description of our entire scenarios. Basically Light is turned on/off depending on the illuminance sensor on the bed.

Source codes
github URL of our project
Architecture of our system
Demo video
demo video of our project


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