Garbage Management : An Application to Smart City

Muncipal authorities come to clean the dustbin in fixed duration which sometimes cause waste of fuel when there is not much trash to pick from bin, as well as sometimes it's bad for enviorment because the time when they come to clean waste it's already lumping on roadside.So in this project the when garbage reaches the threshold level, ultrasonic sensor will trigger which will continuously alert the required authority until the garbage in the dustbin is squashed. Once the dustbin is squashed, people can reuse the dustbin. At regular intervals dustbin will be squashed on the basis of the alerts they get. Once these smart bins are implemented on a large scale, by replacing our traditional bins present today, waste can be managed efficiently as it avoids foul smell from these rotten waste that remain untreated for a long time due to negligence of authorities and carelessness of public may lead to long term problems.

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