Intergrated PV Plant Control over WIZ550S2E(RS485 to Ethernet Converter)

To maintain the grid power quality of solar farms, the common-value power factor of multiple photovoltaic inverters needs to be maintained inside of the utility requirement range. One solution is to utilize the communications capabilities of protective relays, meters and photovoltaic inverters to integrate an active control system. This system compares the common-value power factor to the utility requirements and calculates a control signal to adjust the inverter outputs. The scheme can be implemented in a real-time automation converting platform that is integrated with the inverters, allowing the utility control system to meet a simple manner.

485toEthernet Converter.jpg


[1]     David Taggart Belectric Inc., USA “Power Factor Control for Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Solar Farms”, 14th Annual

Western Power Delivery Automation Conference, March 2012.


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