The Bus Speaks!

An automated tour guide embedded in a bus based on WIZ610io module. Play voice messages describing the visitated touristic places. The relevant coordinates (the map) and voice messages for each trip are stored in a remote website. Use of GPS receiver and PWM generated audio. Programming for server side, real time streaming protocols and ARM Cortex-M0. The bus contains a router with SIM card slot, Wi-fi and mainly ETHERNET. The power is provided by 12V to 5 V step down converter.
Hardware Components
X 1
Network module (hardwired))

BusSpeaks.png BusSpeak.png

Adapter board for WIZ610io:

Main board:

MCU (Cortex-M0) – NXP LPC11C24/301:

GPS Module GY-GPS6MV2:

Home made stereo audio board (with LM4808 amp. and AT26DF081A serial Flash):


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