W5500 Ethernet protocol stack module SPI interface TCP/IP

This product is an Ethernet network module using W5500.
This product is an Ethernet network module using W5500. This product is sold by several companies in China Ali Express. I could not find a company that developed this product. The 2.54mm pitch-pin header provides power and SPI interface pins. The network modules developed in China are all connected by a 2.54mm x 10 pin header.This product can be connected to several MCU development boards.STM32F103C8T6 ARM Mini system Development Board of ModuleFANSDevelopment boards of Xiaomei Ge's FPGA
  • 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet physical layer (PHY)
  • Full hardware TCP/IP protocol stack processing
  • Support 8 independent ports (Socket) simultaneous communication
  • Internal 32KB transceiver cache
  • Support low power consumption, support network wake-up, and support automatic negotiation.
  • Fast SPI interface
  • 3.3V working voltage, I/O signal port 5V withstand voltage;
  • 48 pin LQFP lead-free package
Target application
  • W5500 is suitable for the following embedded applications:
  • Home networking devices: set-top boxes, personal video recorders and digital media adapters.
  • Serial to Ethernet: access control, LED display, wireless AP relay, etc.
  • Parallel to Ethernet: POS/ micro printer, duplicator.
  • USB to Ethernet: storage devices, network printers.
  • GPIO to Ethernet: home network sensor
  • Security systems: digital video recorders, webcams, information kiosks.
  • Factory and building automation control system
  • Medical monitoring equipment
  • Embedded Server
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