TCP/IP stack design based on FPGA and embedded Ethernet W5500

With the development of network technology, the network bandwidth is increasing, and the system processing network protocol costs more and more.Ethernet has the characteristics of easy integration, low cost and long transmission distance. More and more communication devices need to be connected to Ethernet to expand network functions to achieve remote control and more efficient data transmission. More and more applications are based on TCP/IP protocol.The rapid development of programmable logic devices such as FPGA makes Ethernet protocol transmission faster and faster. With the continuous development of new technologies, the technology level of TCP/IP protocol stack is becoming higher and higher. The application of embedded Ethernet protocol processing based on FPGA control is becoming more and more common.
Through the design of the FPGA program to control W5500 as a server mode, waiting for the upper computer connection, after three successful connection handshake, can be used for TCP/IP protocol data transmission.
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The design of this system takes the lower computer (FPGA and W5500) as the server, and the upper computer USES the test software “TCP&UDP test tool” as the client.

To configure the program to the FPGA, first turn on the server mode of the lower computer and wait for the connection of the client.Then call to test the software, set up the IP address (that is, the server IP) and port number to connect to, establish the client and connect.After the connection is successful, the TCP/IP protocol transmission test will be started. The corresponding command data will be sent. After the server receives the command, the data will be analyzed, processed and controlled, and the result data will be sent back to the customer service end (PC end).

In the process of programming, the ChipScope function of ISE can be used to clearly observe the changes of each signal so as to test the correctness of the programming and find out the problems.The ChipScope is designed to capture data results online, and observe the relationship and changes between data and commands in real time.


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Is this free to use? If so, where to locate the source code?

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