WEB switch 63 relay for Arduino mega (code by DM5XX)

WEB switch 63 relay for Arduino mega (code by DM5XX)
By remoteqth


Do you want to see a real product based on Arduino project? Here the project is.

First, let’s see the overview of this project from project wiki site. (https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=Arduino+MEGA+63+relay+Web+switch)

The idea behind this multi multi switch is, that if you own a bigger station, you want to control everything…

Switching on Radios, PA, Antenna Switches, Webcams, … all want you can switch by a relay, the webswitch is able to control! This web switch will grow with your station setup!

But what if you have to press a button for 5s to turn on an amplifier… Or if you have to define a group of buttons, which belong together like switching your 80m coil from cw to midband or ssb?

This is the webswitch! To be faster than normal, the idea is to move all the needed javascript and css files to a webserver. Therefore you need to upload them to your webserver and change the urls in the config. You don’t have a webserver? No problem! Use local path, but see the reminder down below…

The below picture shows the full system.

You can download and configure firmware from master tree GitHub.

For more details, please visit the following project pages.

All source codes and schematics are available in the project page.

Project home


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