Online Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Periodically read temperature and humidity values from the HUMID module, and push them up to your Cosm feed. You can then load up the feed in your web browser to see the latest readings and also historical charts.
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Hardware Components
Freetronics EtherTen
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Freetronics Humidity & Temperature Sensor Module
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Freetronics 4-Channel PoE Midspan Injector
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You can easily create an Internet-connected temperature / humidity sensor, datalogger, and thermostat by combining an EtherTen and a “HUMID” Temperature / Humidity Sensor Module. You can even power it over the LAN cable using a 4-Channel Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Injector for added convenience if you need to locate it some distance away from a power supply.

The HUMID module provides a convenient low-update-rate (one sample every two seconds) reading of both temperature and humidity, using just one digital I/O line.

Readings can also be logged and charted over time, showing trends or measuring the effectiveness of your home heating or cooling systems. By placing sensors outside the house, inside your ceiling cavity, and inside various rooms, you can plot how well your home maintains its temperature when climate conditions change.

The information could also be used as part of the feedback loop for a control system, such as to control active heating or cooling, or to trigger servos or linear actuators to open and close windows and passive ventilation systems.




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