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His tugbout ( build in 1951, still original engine, in daily use ) needed an instrumentation upgrade. The boat also has 2 wheelhouses and 2 generators, 2 chargers/inverters and shore connection.

He has installed an Arduino Ethernet in the engine room, used a hall sensor to measure rpm of the engine, for now there are 6 ds18b20 in use, #7 will be installed shortly. Furthermore the Arduino also steers the original RPM instrument in the main wheelhouse.

He is sourcing the sensors to measure exhaust temeratures and oil / air pressure (Honeywell has ‘m).

Despite sampling temperature on 6 points, count rpm and steer analog meter, he is only using 3 ports on the Arduino and spent less than €120 on hardware.  The most expensive parts are the adapters to mount the sensors watertight into the cooling system.

To display this data he is using steel series gauges, designed by Gerrit Grunwald, find all resources here




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