Riots Affordable wireless IoT microcontrollers and sensors




Riots™ utilizes an innovative combination of plug-and-play hardware, software and cloud-based technology to create smart, energy efficient homes and businesses of the twenty-first century.

It all began when our propellerhead, Samuli, fearlessly went to battle against the jumble of wires connecting and controlling his things. Samuli could not fathom how cumbersome and laborious it was to create a useful device out of a kit or components. Nor why he had to always physically connect a wire to it, in order to program updates. So he decided to roll up his sleeves and tackle these problems.

Samuli wondered: Is there a way to control and monitor our environment and devices remotely with a cost effective, minimalistic, and practical solution?

The Riots Platform™ consists of the Riots Mama™ internet gateway and a variety of Riots Babies™ network nodes (e.g., Riots Gyro™, Riots Light™, Riots Air™). One Riots Mama has the ability to manage hundreds of uniquely tasked Riots Babies. Riots Babies monitor and control the environment.

In addition to secure monitoring and control, Riots Cloud™ supports remote development, over-the-air updates and debugging. Wireless reprogramming of Riots products for new tasks is also accessible via Riots Cloud.



  • Accessible to both novice and proficient programmers
  • Pre-programmed for immediate use
  • Open source / open hardware
  • Arduino compatible out of the box
  • Re-configurable software and hardware
  • No soldering or wiring
  • Wireless integration
  • Customizable, expandable network
  • Secure communication
  • Riots Cloud™ Free for basic users
  • Wireless and cloud-based programming and debugging
  • Each device has a unique task and singular purpose
  • Small footprint (1.2″x1.2″ (30.8×30.8mm))




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