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What if all vehicles are connected to Internet?
Even if you imagine a little bit, it seems that a mess change will happen. Of course we should try to make that change happen in a good way.
It could be so amazing to imagine only one part of the change. Everything that the car feels (information gained through the sensor) will be shared on the Internet.
Depending on which sensors and cameras are attached to the car, the car will soon become a moving Data collector.
The location information of the personal device can be detected where the person is passing around vehicles,
People will be free from all kinds of car accident caused by unexpected situation.


Researcher team at the University of Bologna is considering this upcoming future and build the internet system with Arduino for the electric car.
The system monitors battery status of electric cars, defects information in automobiles and supplies connections between vehicles, and so on.
In addition, by using the HTTP protocol based on TCP / IP, it is possible to share information to a web server and also various SNS.
The vehicle location or the emergency situation can be automatically transmitted to various organizations and people related to the system without having to make a telephone call.

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5G has arrived. So far, the cars mostly we see have only navigation or little more.
But the times change rapidly. Increasingly, drivers changes vehicles depending on style and function, it is not only the property of a lifetime.
There will soon be a car that will connect to the Internet to bring about many changes.
Just by imagining these times we can dream bigger and test more possibilities.



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project Origin URL : Web management of electric vehicle fleets


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