OpenHome Security Gateway 1.7C


This VAR Product is OHS.
OHS is open Arduino based burglar alarm and automation platform.
This VAR Product should replace standard home security alarms, and And function as gateway to pass or receive data from various sensors. All configuration is done over nice web interface.
Gateway board consists of atmega1284P that has inputs for sensors and outputs to relays. It also hosts W5500 Ethernet for configuration and overview, RFM69HW for radio remote nodes, communication module to wired nodes (RS485 protocol), GSM modem, Battery backed up RTC, EEPROM for log, I2C expansion connector, and AC supply and battery monitoring.


Main gateway board:

  • MCU ATmega1284P, 16KB RAM, 128KB Flash.
  • 8 analog inputs for balanced PIR sensors.
  • 4 digital inputs for simple sensors, like door/window reed switches.
  • 1 box tamper input.
  • TWI/I2S expansion connector for up to 4 additional 8 channel analog inputs.
  • 2 relay outputs with selectable 12V power out.
  • RS485 protected interface for wired nodes.
  • RFM69HW for wireless nodes and sensors.
  • W5500 10/100Mbps Ethernet for web interface and MQTT.
  • SIM800C GSM modem for SMS alerting.
  • RTC clock with separate battery backup with NTP synchronization.
  • 512kb EEPROM as logger(4096 entries).
  • Power Off and Empty battery inputs.
  • Standard FTDI Arduino programming interface.

Project desciption


  1. Web :
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Source Code

Source code Link : Open Home Security Link

Schemetic and Documents


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