[Emartee] W5100 Ethernet Module(SW5100)

W5100 Ethernet Module

Description :

This W5100 module is completely compatibale with Arduino Ethernet Shield, it is very easy to use it.

W5100 is a multi-functional single-chip network interface module based on the internal integrated 10/100 Ethernet controller W5100, which is mainly used in highly integrated, high stability, high performance and low cost embedded systems.

Through W5100, you can access internet without using the operating system, and it is compatible with the IEEE802.3 10Base-T and 802.3u 100BASE-TX. W5100 integrates all the hardware and TCP / IP protocol stack, the Ethernet media access layer (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY). Hardware TCP/IP protocol stack supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE, and in many areas, these agreements have been verified through years. 16KB internal memory is also integrated for data transmission. When using W5100, you do not need to consider too much Ethernet control, you just need to do some simple Socket programming.


read more : https://www.emartee.com/product/42080/W5100%20Ethernet%20Module


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