Bluetooth BLE Ethernet Gateway & Door Lock Application in Smart Home (Based on W5500)

Bluetooth BLE Ethernet Gateway Application in Smart Home
By WIZnet HK
BLE gateway and door lock hardware list

This solution is mainly divided into three parts: a BLE door lock mechanism, a BLE gateway and a door lock management server. Because the door lock management server is mainly for database management and for APP calls.

WIZnet BLE smart lock

Regarding the implementation of BLE, we choose the most common TI CC2541 on the market. CC2541 is a BLE single-chip solution, including an industrial grade 8051 core and RF transceiver, integrating TI’s BLE low-power protocol stack and has relative Perfect low-power peripherals. The hardware TCP/IP chip W5500 has built-in protocols (TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE and others), and integrated data link layer, PHY chip, and 32K bytes of on-chip RAM as data transceiving buffer. The W5500 is very suitable for the 8051 core of the CC2541, as the on-chip resources are not not that much.

In order to implement BLE communication, we need to use two CC2541 modules, one as the Central and the other as the Peripheral; they implement BLE communication, in which Peripheral is controlled by the door lock mechanism, and Central drives the W5500 as the TCP Client for network communication. Therefore, the checking status of the door lock and unlocking the door can be processed through the network. Below photo is listing the hardware of this project

BLE gateway and door lock hardware list

Ready to work:
1. Install the compilation environment IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051 8.10 Evaluation
2. Installation protocol stack BLE-CC254x-1.3.2
3. Install the CC-Debugger module debug download driver

Refer to the following links for detailed implementation STEPS



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