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Water must flow everywhere. Still, many countries and cities are experiencing a shortage of potable water and difficulty in supplying potable water.

For example, in India, even though it is a big city, water tank trucks and potable water vending machines can still be easily seen. And in many cases, potable water supply is not smooth due to frequent construction, accident, and infrastructure.



The Research team at Sfax, an Engineering University in Tunisia, is developing and introducing a water pipeline monitoring system to manage the exposure and quality of potable water supplies.

Through WSN(Wireless Sensor Network) application, the system collects potable water supply level and water quality information from the nodes and send Data to Cloud Server through Gateway. Then, finally the potable water supply situation is monitored and predicted . The Research team called the node WiRoTip.




WiRoTip has nRF24L01 module, which is cheap and has a high frequency of 2.4Ghz (It also has some extent communicate range), and Ethernet connectivity is used for a stable communication in Gateway.

Next plan of this Research team is designing hardware for low power consumption and various tests are under processing.

Everyone has the right to potable water. And these important rights should be respected. Just like Tunisia’s Research team, only a few people’s idea and a few skill can help many people more than we thought.



Related Technology

WiRoTip node uses several Arduino based sensors and nRF24L01 communication module, and Gateway uses Arduino and Ethernet modules to communication with Cloud.

This chapter guides the related Technology with WiRoTip. And most of the materials are from WIZnet Museum.


1. Arduino + nRF24L01

nRF24L01 Interfacing Arduino Wireless communication –

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2. Arduino + Ethernet + Cloud

Arduino Ethernet & Ubidots IoT

Easy Arduino IoT with Cayenne


3. Other related projects

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Water overflow managing system

Water leakage detector



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